Menorca Talaiótica

For most people the stone is something dead ... for me it is a history book, a great library that has stored the passage of time, the passage of history.

I tell this story in the form of lights, with another aspect, another look from the point of view of an observer, nocturnal, a personal, introspective vision, a unique look

It is true, it is my vision, but as a Menorcan it is a vision from the depths of my being, It is the search for the origins, a search for the roots.

I reveal the millennial radiant energy that the Taules have accumulated and make them visible for the first time, whispering to them with the light of my brushes. I do not paint or illuminate the stones, but, as a Menorcan, I connect with the energy of the Taules, symbols of the island's identity, and bring it to light and reveal it to the eyes of the world. I use my brushes like fireflies to shape a millennial tale.

Because the light of the mind has to flow and unite with the light of nature to create a world.

This is a project that wants to help you get to know the magnificent cultural heritage of Menorca and support your candidacy for MENORCA TALAIÒTICA - World Heritage Candidate