Exhibition project

The exhibition Lighting from the darkness. The art of painting with light, inaugurated at the Asociación San Lucas por el Arte de Mataró (Barcelona) in October 2020, includes a series of photographic paintings painted with colored lights, in absolute darkness and without subsequent retouching, which narrate a story about light and life, life and light, origins, time ... Some photographs that show the intimate, artistic and professional relationship of the author with light. Some photographs that also tell us about the deepest roots of his imagination, the energy of Menorcan Talayotic tables. A story that has inevitably sprouted from the conscious and the subconscious.

The works date between 2013 and 2015 and are the result of a whole life trajectory that the artist now wants to share with his native Menorca.

Pere Anglada wants to contribute with his work to the promotion of the Menorca Talayotic project for the 2022 World Heritage nomination. In this exhibition you can see two of the Tables that will be part of this project, Torrellafuda and Torretrencada.

He has made light a tool with which to portray different perspectives of the world or worlds. From an archaic one close to the abstraction of prehistoric art, where only the form suggested by movement is sketched, passing through the world of everyday objects that surround us, until reaching that of emotions that are on the surface. All of them dressed in the ethereal polychromy that colors the objects and concepts. Sometimes creating false backlights, sometimes they are intuited reflections, but all, undoubtedly, loaded with an imagination that has no limits other than those required to have to frame an image.


Each photograph has an exposure time of 30 seconds. The light trails depend on the type of flashlight and the time you give it when painting. The photographs are in digital negative using the RAW format. There are no post-Photoshop-like retouching.

The result of this work is the fruit of more than 40 years researching and working with light and shadows.


The door

If the doors of perception were to vanish, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite. Because man has closed in on himself, as he sees things through the narrow fissures of his cave.

The Songs of Innocence and Experience, William Blake

A door to the night of the Sahara desert and a quote by William Blake invite us to enter a journey led by the conscious and the subconscious, by the sense of sight and perception, by intuition and experience, by what is hidden and what breaks out and emerges with clear or timid evidence.

Astarte, Elohim and Melkart

The archaeological remains of the Talayotic Menorca and the magical energy that the stones of the tables give off are witness to the nights of a remote antiquity in which mortals lacked the creative power of light.

Legend has it that the Phoenicians named Menorca as Isla de Nura, which meant "land of fire". Fire is the release of heat and light that produces the combustion of a body.


The Greek mythological figure of Prometheus, titan or son of titanium, is related to two mythical events: the control of fire by humanity and the appearance of women.

Dreaming, Diving, granted, Sifon, Breakingless, Aladin

The deepest dreams, steeped in intense desire, compelling, are manifested through deeply dreamlike images.

Heat, Lightbirth, Tunderbolt, Drink, Mixing

Fertilizing heat. Energy. Possession. Receptacle. Concavity. Emergency. Light menstruation. Alchemy. Power. Concession. Lifetime. Do.

Butterfly, Flying neon, Underfire, NeonS3, Twins

Neons of nights pregnant with adult sensuality and accomplice that do not conceal that whoever received the divine gift has mastered the creative force of her gift