Estació Términus

Direction: Magda Puyo / Ramon Simó

"An unconventional approach to tolerated violence in contemporary society takes the form of a multifaceted spectacle. Actors and spectators coexist in a stage space that becomes a metaphor for Europe."

What forms does contemporary violence take? Beyond its physical and explicit manifestation, the contemporary world cultivates and tolerates violence in many forms and in very diverse fields. And the language of violence and fear is gradually becoming the dominant language. In the lobby of a station that wants to evoke the image of a Europe at a standstill, we will find, in fragmented images and scenes, stories and characters that tell us about a world that allows the abandonment of humanism to arrive from this station, to a destination he has not yet been able to choose. Machismo and jihad, religion and false politics, terrorism and war, the media and impoverished culture, the precariousness and goodness of the economic system will be the protagonists of a theatrical play that wants to be a fictitious documentary testimony of our reality. As in any season, between comedy and drama, with the fleeting presence of characters who travel, who emigrate or who defend their territory, who drag and bring us their stories, who speak, or sing, or dance, Terminus, the god from the borders, maybe he will smile at them.

Estació Terminus premiered at the 2016 Grec Festival de Barcelona ajo Mercado de las Flores

It is the reproduction of a train station from anywhere, illuminated with sodium lamps.