"Optimism, imagination and poetry. None of these three elements are missing from the new album by a pop-folk band that has given their third work a particularly strong sound."

Many spectators of the Grec Festival of Barcelona still remember the band's first concert, in 2013, at the Teatro Grec. Then, the Blaumut were a promise of the Catalan music scene and toured a first album, El turista, whose songs immediately began to sound everywhere. The bet on the Blaum was successful, and they proved it with a second and also successful work entitled The first tree in the forest. Now, they return to the stage of Montjuïc to perform the thirteen songs that make up Equilibrio, his newest work, and take us through a new fragment of his universe, made of lyrics as optimistic as evocative and emotional, and music that drinks from folk and pop but that does not give up the electronic elements. The band's new proposal includes epic moments of a symphonic character that show us a sound more forceful than ever, but also very careful string arrangements that give their songs a special elegance and sophistication. It is no coincidence that in 2016, the Blaumut won the Enderrock Award for Artist of the Year, one more of the many awards that show that, in their music, quality and popularity are two sides of the same coin.

Great unforgettable night at the Greek Theater with my friends Xavier, Vasil, Oriol, Manuel and Manolo. THANK YOU!!!